Collection: Mosquito nets

A mosquito net for the baby and children's room is a carefully designed and stylish addition to your little one's sleeping environment. Made from a beautiful chambray, this mosquito net not only provides protection against sunlight, for example, but also creates a soothing and cozy atmosphere in the room.

The mosquito net has a decorative bell and comes with a handy suspension, making it easy to attach it to the ceiling or to a pole above the crib or bed.

With a ring diameter of 55 cm, a generous overall length of approximately 240 cm and a generous base circumference of more than 300 cm, it creates a soft and safe cocoon above the crib or cot.

The mosquito net is not only functional but also a decorative element in the children's room. It adds a touch of magic to the environment and creates a safe and soothing space for your little one to sleep in. Made from high quality and durable materials, this mosquito net is easy to maintain and long lasting, making it a valuable addition to the nursery.